Build up your database


PHPCG analyzes your database intelligently.
To obtain the best results, it is necessary to follow good practices:

  • The database name, table names & fields names:
    • *must use only lowercase/uppercase alphanumeric characters and underscores
      (no hyphens, spaces or special characters)
    • *must NOT start with a number
  • *Each table must have a primary key
  • **Relationships between tables must be correctly defined
  • **Field types must match expected values

* Absolutely required
** Highly desirable

MySQL Workbench

MySQL Workbench is the official software released by MySQL team

MySQL Workbench allows you to build your databases simply, and synchronize them with your server

Once installed and connected with your server, you will benefit from a reliable and efficient tool.

Main features:

  • Create/Edit/Delete tables & fields
  • Create Diagrams using drag and drop
  • Create foreign keys and relationships from diagrams using drag and drop
  • Synchronize with your server database
  • Save & export to several formats

Soon Coming Complete video tutorial about MySQL Workbench

FlySpeed SQL Query

FlySpeed SQL Query is is a Free SQL Query Tool developed by Active Database Software

The visual query designer facilitates the creation of complex SQL queries.

It can be especially useful for creating advanced filters using external relations.

Below is an overview of what FlySpeed SQL Query can do for you:

FlySpeed SQL Query Screenshot

Soon Coming Complete video tutorial about FlySpeed SQL Query

Register changes in your database structure

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